Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Peoples' Republic Of Europe - "Nicolae Carpathia Died For Your Sins" [2009]

Artist: The Peoples' Republic Of Europe
Title: Nicolae Carpathia Died For Your Sins
Genre: Rhythmic Noise
Country: Netherlands
Year: 2009

Track List:
  1. Nicolae Carpathia died for your sins
  2. The true face of Evil
  3. Female Domination (Necrotek remix)
  4. Zion must fall
  5. Work it
  6. The third
A lot of people who are into extreme electronic music associate the Dutch scene mostly with hardcore techno/gabber, but tPRoE make a slightly different kind of sound - namely, power noise. For me they're one of the best rhythmic noise projects I know, in terms of both sound and aesthetics. Like many noise projects, they deal primarity with topics of radical politics and extreme sexuality, but of course, tPRoE also explore a lot of ther themes that are usual for industrial/noise music - technology, post-humanism, post-apocalpse, etc.

"Nicolae Carpathia died for your sins" is a free promo EP that's available off the project's bandcamp page. If you liked it and want to hear more tPRoE stuff, I'd recommend to start from "Monopoly of Violence" (or, maybe, "Juche").

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