Thursday, June 25, 2015

Senmuth & Naakhum - "Змајевски Језик" [2015]

Artist: Naakhum & Senmuth
Title: Змајевски Језик
Genre: Industrial Folk Metal, Ambient
Country: Russia/Serbia
Year: 2015

Track List:
  1. Змајевски Jезик (Intro)
  2. Змајевски Jезик
  3. Змајевски Jезик (Long mix)
  4. Змајевски Jезик (Instrumental)
Senmuth - Guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, programming, album cover art
Naakhum - Vocals, lyrics, didgeridoo, ethnic instruments, tapping solo 

Finally, it happened - those two very similar artists made a collaboration single! Those who read my blog on a regular basis most likely know what to expect from both Naakhm and Senmuth - exactly what is featured on this single named "Змајевски Језик" ("The Draconian Tongue", if I understood the title correctly). However it was a surprise for me to find out that Naakhum has relocated from Igualada (somewhere near Barcelona) to Belgrade...

Monday, June 22, 2015

20 June 2015: Нейромонах Феофан live @ Prem!o Centre (Nizhny Novgorod)

Until last Saturday, it was hard for me to remember when I've been to a concert last time. Even if I'm living in a city with over 1.2 million inhabitants, really interesting gigs are pretty rare here. They aren't that rare in Moscow, but I can't afford travelling there too often (in fact, I went there to see Ayria live in 2006 and L'ame Immortelle - in 2008, but it was long ago). Two years ago I had a chance to see Fear Factory in Prem!o Centre here in NN, but unfortunately I didn't go. This time, though, I didn't miss the chance to see Нейромонах Феофан live in the same venue (Prem!o), and it was awesome.

Before I discovered НФ, I never thought I'd ever attend a drum & bass event, let alone enjoying it. However, НФ has his own brand of "drum & folk" which is aesthetically closer to folk metal than to any commercial electronic music. I'd say the atmosphere at his performance was comparable to that of Arkona's gig which I attended roughly 7 years ago :) The public mostly looked pretty casual, though (me including). There weren't many interesting costumes, although I definitely liked the looks of this couple:

The show itself was great too, with a dancing "bear" on stage (just like the one in the video):

And, finally, a fan-made video:

The lyrics of this song start with: "My life is ascetic...", which is pretty applicable for me too. However, despite my rather reclusive lifestyle and distaste of being in large groups of people, I enjoyed НФ's gig a lot. Hope for more new songs from him in the near future.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Senmuth & Serkan Falay - "Semrük-Bürküt" [2012]

Artist: Senmuth & Serkan Falay
Title: Semrük-Bürküt
Genre: Industrial Folk Metal
Country: Russia / Turkey
Year: 2012

Track List:
  1. Kalgançı çak
  2. Hakan
  3. Ser-Kan
  4. Kağan
  5. Tengri
  6. Erlik khan
  7. Od ana
 "Coatlicue..." is not the only collaborative release in Senmuth's vast discography. This one, titled "Semrük-Bürküt" and released in 2012, is even better. The idea of this recording was brought up by Serkan "Ordog" Falay, an Istanbul-based musician which is primarily known for his band Aegnor. On "Semrük-Bürküt" he plays oud and some other exotic instruments, while Senmuth, as always, is responsible for the guitars & programming.

"Semrük-Bürküt" is freely available on under the terms of Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0 license, along with a detailed review which is certainly better than my one: