Thursday, February 27, 2014

Nightmare 34 & King Virus One - "Roter Oktober" [2010]

Artist: Nightmare 34 & King Virus One
Title: Roter Oktober
Genre: Hardcore Rap, Horrorcore
Country: Germany
Year: 2010

Track List:
  1. Intro
  2. Wenn die Blätter fallen
  3. Roter Oktober
  4. Kürbisfratzen
  5. Gänsehaut (feat. Blokkmonsta & Uzi)
  6. Nebel des Grauens
  7. Süssigkeitenräuber
  8. Ritual
  9. Das Böse (feat. Adden)
  10. Angst (feat. Lord Gaus)
  11. Im Wald 2 (feat. 2Face)
  12. Freitag der 13te (pt. 4)
  13. Schrei
  14. Blutiger Besuch Remake (feat. Kunstfehler)
  15. Notruf
  16. 2 Frauen
  17. Letzte Stunde
  18. Outro
This album was tagged "industrial rap" (or something like that) on youtube - so I expected to hear something like Dälek, but with German lyrics. However, it turned out to be just hardcore rap, apparently influenced by lowbrow horror movies, and not similar to Dälek at all. Some tracks on there are very good, though, such as "Kürbisfratzen" and "Im Wald 2" (by the way, the latter track has some lyrics in Russian, close to its end). Germany produces probably the biggest amount of hip-hop in Europe (and one of the biggest in the whole world), but I don't listen to it that much (even though I love the language), with some exceptions like this album. I'd be wary of posting a download link, but you can watch this clip:

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