Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Tidfall - "Circular Supremacy" [2000]

Artist: Tidfall
Title: Circular Supremacy
Genre: Symphonic Black Metal
Country: Norway
Release date: 2000

Track List:
  1. In the Eyes of Death
  2. A Hidden Realm
  3. Allured by Grief
  4. Black Psychotic Darkness
  5. Bloodact
  6. Shining Serpent
  7. In a Dark Dream
  8. Empty Silence
  9. Reflections
  10. Hymn to Fall
Tidfall is a rather obscure Norwegian black metal band formed in 1992, released a first demo in 1997, and put on an indefinite hiatus in 2005. Most reviewers describe them as a mediocre project that failed to bring anything new to the scene, but I do think such reputation is undeserved. Surely there are many Norwegian black metal bands from the same era that are far more famous, and when it comes to symphonic black metal in particular, Tidfall's "Circular Supremacy" doesn't get on the same level as such classics as "Nexus Polaris" by Covenant, yet I think it's still pretty powerful and certainly deserves a listen: