Friday, February 14, 2014

Anatta - "Eternal Truth Is Anatta" [2011]

Artist: Anatta
Title: Eternal Truth Is Anatta
Genre: Symphonic Heavy/Power Metal
Country: Thailand
Year: 2011

Track List:
  1. Eternal Truth
  2. Anatta
  3. I Am I
  4. Racing With the Time
  5. Angels
  6. Wings oF Forever Dream
  7. World Unity
  8. Glory Land
  9. New Dimension
  10. Melody & Symphony
Another Bangkok-based band which is similar to Orient Ende in terms of sound, named after a Buddhist concept which I don't fully understand. They call their style "hybrid metal" - perhaps referring to the electronic elements in their music - but to be honest, it's just heavy/power metal with keyboards. What I've said about Orient Ende can be said about Anatta too: for a debut self-released album it's fine, but the vocal work could be better. The album is streamable @ their bandcamp page, but to download it you have to pay 9$ (which is quite expensive, even though I understand that they're from a not very rich country, and they have released this album on their own expense...)

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