Friday, January 31, 2014

Chaos As Shelter - "Dead Air Broadcasts" [2003]

Artist: Chaos As Shelter
Title: Dead Air Broadcasts
Genre: Ambient/Noise, Field Recordings
Country: Israel
Year: 2003

Track List:
  1. Broadcast 1
  2. Broadcast 2
  3. Broadcast 3
  4. Broadcast 4
  5. Broadcast 5
  6. Broadcast 6
  7. Broadcast 7
  8. Broadcast 8
  9. Broadcast 9
  10. Broadcast 10
Chaos As Shelter already was presented on my blog some time ago, but this particular album deserves a special mention, because all its source sounds were recorded using Siemens "Turnier RK 16 Electronic" shortwave radio receiver. I think "radionoise" is an interesting subgenre (not to mention I was very interested in ham radio - and radiocommunications in general - before I got my first Internet connection), but there aren't many artists who share this interest. Surely, I know about The Conet Project, but, to my shame, I'm not familiar with almost all the projects listed here... (perhaps I should start from Kryptogen Rundfunk, who's frequently cited as the best Russian radionoise artist)

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