Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Spitfire - "First Attack" [1987]

Artist: Spitfire
Title: First Attack
Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Greece
Release date: 1987

Track List:
  1. Street Fighter
  2. Lead Me On
  3. Whispers
  4. Lady of the Night
  5. Explosion
  6. Walk Alone
  7. Evil Thoughts Around
  8. Guilty Dreams

First or not the first attack... but this album is definitely among the first more or less successful metal releases made in Greece. "First Attack" was released on a major label (EMI Music), so it may have a little "commercial" flavour, but nevertheless it's a great album. My favourite tracks are ""Lead Me On", "Lady Of The Night" and "Explosion". Unfortunately, the vocalist of Spitfire was badly injured in a car accident shortly after "First Attack" was recorded, so it remained the only proper release of them (excluding their 1990 live album and 1996 compilation of unreleased tracks) until 2009.


Innerwish - "Inner Strength" [2006]

Artist: Innerwish
Title: Inner Strength
Genre: Heavy/Power Metal
Country: Greece
Release date: 2006

Track List:
  1. Trivial
  2. Travellers in Time
  3. Far Away
  4. Lonely Lady (Q5 Cover)
  5. Bleeding Soul
  6. Feel the Magic
  7. Eye of the Storm
  8. Final Prophecy
  9. Never Let You Down
  10. Dreamer of the Night
  11. Inner Strength
  12. Gates of Fire

Some more power metal from the Balkan peninsula for you. Innerwish are a band from Greece who formed in 1994 under the name "Growing Order", and have undergone a lot of changes in lineup since then. Fun fact: their former vocalist became religious to the point of becoming a cenobite and playing in a christian rock group in the monastery (!). Well... I know a lot of musicians from early Soviet/Russian metal scene who later became religious (from traditional Orthodoxy to Jehova's Witnesses), but I never heard of any other metal musician who's in a monastery now :)

Speaking of music, it's typical "entry-level" melodic metal, nothing really original, but it's well produced and generally sounds nice. Would cernainly prefer this albums over a lot of other generic power metal albums. My personal favourites are tracks #4 (it's a cover, though...), #11, and especially #2:

"Travellers, all we are travellers in time,
Travellers, a trip to nowhere till we die,
Travellers, all we are travellers in time,
Cause life is short no matter how we try..."

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Myrath - "Desert Call" [2010]

Artist: Myrath
Title: Desert Call
Genre: Progressive Metal
Country: Tunisia
Release date: 2010

Track List:
  1. Forever and a Day
  2. Tempests of Sorrows
  3. Desert Call
  4. Madness
  5. Silent Cries
  6. Memories
  7. Ironic Destiny
  8. No Turning Back
  9. Empty World
  10. Shockwave
Well, looks like some of my readers are interested in Middle Eastern metal, so I continue this topic. Myrath (meaning "legacy"; formerly known as Xtazy) are a relatively well-known prog metal band from Tunisia, who were the first metal band there to be signed on a label. "Desert Call" is a pretty decent album even by European standards; however, don't know about two other albums ("Hope" and "Tales of the Sands"), as I haven't listened to them yet (but I will).

Thunder Way - "The Order Executors" [1993]

Artist: Thunder Way
Title: The Order Executors
Genre: Heavy/Power Metal
Country: Albania
Release date: 1993

Track List:
  1. Nothing Else to Try
  2. The Order Executors
  3. The Last Warrior
  4. Unexpected Sufferings
  5. Dancing with Beasts
  6. The Devil's Rule
  7. Crimes With Prepensation
  8. Victims of Confusion
  9. Future Punishments

Albania may be not as "non-metal" place as the whole Central Asia - there were more than 20 Albanian metal bands ever in existence, and at least 10 ones active today - but it's still very few even for a relatively small country. Here's the first Albanian metal release ever - "The Order Executors", recorded in 1993 by a band called Thunderway. Unfortunately, it was their only release - they couldn't find a proper audience for such kind of music in post-Hoxhaist Albania (they even had to record this album in the neighbouring Macedonia), and their vocalist himself wanted to do more pop-rock oriented stuff - so the band broke up in 1995. The album is amazing, though - excellent early-1990's heavy/power metal. Check out the track "Crimes With Prepensation", I think it's the best one on the whole album:

As for download links, you can get them here or here (I haven't ripped the album by myself, so I don't want to steal the others' work).

Zindan - "Depth" [2009]

Artist: Zindan
 Title: Depth  
Genre: Melodic Death Metal  
Country: Uzbekistan 
Release date: 2009
Track List:
  1. In Haze
  2. Truth Becomes A Lie
  3. Facing One Another
  4. Life Without Aim
  5. Before The End
  6. Chinvat
  7. Mean
  8. In The Depth Of Zindan
  9. Still Alive

Another metal band from a very non-metal region - namely Central Asia (Tashkent, Uzbekistan). On the photos, only one of them looks like an Uzbek, all the others are probably Russians... but who cares? Their music is surprisingly good, shame that they're so unknown (they even don't have a page in Encyclopaedia Metallum...)


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Al-Namrood - "Estorat Taghoot" [2010]

Artist: Al-Namrood
Title: Estorat Taghoot
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Saudi Arabia
Release date: 2010

Track List:
  1. Arousal At Nebuchadnezzar Fortress
  2. Junood Al Amjaad
  3. Estorat Taghoot
  4. Ma Kan Mn AlDahr Mundthera
  5. Endma Tuqsaf Al Ru'os
  6. Ma'dabt Al Audhama
  7. Fe Youm Thaqeef
  8. Wata'a Bakhtanasar
  9. Laylat Ghabra'a
  10. Asda' Al Dmar
  11. Ajal Babel

Another black metal album recorded in Bahrain (although the band themselves are from Saudi Arabia, they couldn't find a professional studio that records such kind of music in their home country). Al-Namrood are one of the best Middle Eastern BM bands (definitely better than Melechesh ;)), and most importantly, they're a real oriental metal band actively using Arabian motives in their music, not just a clone of some Western band. The quality of production may be not perfect, but the music is quite original. As for the lyrics - well, I know what "taghut" is, but I couldn't understand anything else... At least it looks like their lyrics are heavily influenced by Mesopotamian mythology (just like in case with Melechesh).

I heard they already have released their new album, "Kitab Al-Awthan", but I haven't listened to it yet. As for this one, you can find it here.