Thursday, August 30, 2012

Solaris - "Marsbéli Krónikák (The Martian Chronicles)" [1984]

Artist: Solaris
Title: Marsbéli Krónikák
Genre: Progressive Rock
Country: Hungary
Release date: 1984

Track List:
  1. The Martian Chronicles I
  2. The Martian Chronicles II-III
  3. The Martian Chronicles IV-VI
  4. M'ars Poetica
  5. If The Fog Ascends
  6. Apokalypse
  7. Prelude In E Minor
  8. Undefeatable
  9. Solaris
  10. The Planet Of Orchids (Bonus Track)
  11. The Yellow Circle (Bonus Track)

It'd be very hard for me to write a proper review of this album, because it's one of my all-time favourites, and definitely included in my personal top-5. In short, "Marsbéli Krónikák" present everything what I love Hungarian prog-rock for: catchy and beautiful melodies, atmosphere of bright sadness, excellent musicianship, analog synthesizers from the 80s, and the influence from sci-fi classics like Ray Bradbury and his "Martian Chronicles". Even though the album is entirely instrumental, it accurately reflects the mood of "Martian Chronicles" and a lot of other "hard" science fiction of the 20th century. That probably what The Martians would listen to, if they were born half a century later :) I should also note that Solaris is progressive rock, but not avant-prog; so it's sophisticated enough, but isn't hard for listening at all. A true masterpiece, perfect example of good Eastern European prog-rock sound.


Saturday, August 25, 2012

After Crying - "Megalázottak és Megszomorítottak" [1992]

Artist: After Crying
Title: Megalázottak és Megszomorítottak
Genre: Avant-Prog
Country: Hungary
Release date: 1992

Track List:
  1. A gadarai megszállott
  2. A kis hős
  3. Noktürn
  4. Megalázottak és megszomorítottak
  5. Végül

After Crying are probably the most well-known Hungarian avant-prog band, often considered to be the best RIO-influenced band in their country. Personally I heard only two albums out of their considerably big discography, and here's my favourite one. I think the album cover says all about the music - the atmosphere it creates is as quiet and melancholic as winter forest at night. Don't know how to express it better...