Saturday, February 15, 2014

Vielikan - "A Trapped Way for Wisdom" [2010]

Artist: Vielikan
Title: A Trapped Way for Wisdom
Genre: Technical Death/Doom Metal
Country: Tunisia
Year: 2010

Track List:
  1. The Beginning of all Remorse
  2. A Shelter of Flesh in the Void
  3. Zero Affection
  4. Black Marsh
  5. A Vertiginous Fall
  6. A Trapped Way for Wisdom
  7. Celestial Autumn
"Brought together around 2002 first as Death Awakening, Ethereal Travel afterwards, the first draft of this project did never really stand firmly due to the changes of line-up, ceaselessly provoked by Fedor.
After an encounter with three other ambitious musicians (Khalil, Mehdi and Tarek) the band concretely took shape in November 2008, choosing Vielikan for name. It then started making these songs obviously quickened by a Death Metal spirit yet somewhat tempered by small chunks of a Russian folklore..."

While I don't hear much influence of Russian folk music on this album, the name of the band is indeed in Russian (but written in a Polish manner for some reason). And the name of their vocalist, Fedor... well it doesn't sound very Arabic to me. Musically, it's quite good progressive death metal (as far as I know, they reject the label "technical reath metal") with apparent doom metal influence. They've been compared to Nocturnus and Augury (a relatively well-known death metal band from Jordan which I haven't listened to yet). The cover art for "A Trapped Way for Wisdom" is a bit unusual in technique, and well reflects the overall atmosphere of the album.

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