Sunday, February 23, 2014

Legend / Sólstafir - "Fjara / Runaway Train (Split)" [2014]

Artist: Legend / Sólstafir
Title: Fjara / Runaway Train
Country: Iceland
Release date: 2014

Track list:
  1. Legend - Fjara (Sólstafir cover)
  2. Sólstafir - Runaway Train (Legend cover)
This split is going to be released tomorrow, and most sites describe its sound by vague terms like "post-metal". In fact, there's very little metal in there. Legend are a synthpop band, and their track on this split is what happens if a band like A-Ha decides to make a cover version of a metal song. It's actually a very good track, quite beautiful and melancholic, definitely for the likes of everyone who likes depressive Scandinavian pop/new-wave. Sólstafir's side is less interesting, despite being more heavier and "metallic". They're considered one of the best metal bands from Iceland, but I didn't like their earlier stuff when I listened to it in mid-2000's. They've changed their sound drastically since then, towards progressive/post-metal, but I haven't listened to any of their later releases yet (beside this split, of course).

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