Friday, August 30, 2013

Flash Terrorist - "Body Fusion Limit" [1997]

Artist: Flash Terrorist
Title: Body Fusion Limit
Genre: Industrial Death Metal
Country: Italy
Year: 1997

Track List:
  1. Virtual Programmer
  2. Body Fusion Limit
  3. Blood For God
  4. Scar
  5. Shothead
  6. Victim
  7. Narcos
  8. Life's To Stake
  9. Extortion
  10. Infected Molestor
Yesterday, Fear Factory had a live performance in my city (for the first time ever), but unfortunately I couldn't go. Maybe my list of "seen live" bands isn't empty, but it mostly consists of local bands; moreover, I had to go to Moscow to see Ayria and L'ame Immortelle live. So it was a big pity to miss FF coming here, even though I don't like their newer albums that much.

Why do I write all this? Here's a very obscure and underrated band whose one and only full-length, "Body Fusion Limit", sounds very simular to the FF's mid-90s releases (something in between of "Demanufacture" and "Soul of a New Machine"). Flash Terrorist were formed in Italy in 1991 under the name "Alice In Hell" (inspired by Annihilator's debut album?). There's not much futher information about them, except they've released only one album and then disappeared - even though they had a lot of potential and the right understanding of how industrial death metal should sound...