Thursday, November 30, 2017

Сепсис - "Литургия безумия" [1991]

Artist: Сепсис
Title: Литургия безумия
Genre: Avant-Prog, Krautrock
Country: USSR
Release date: 1991

Track List: 

Side A:
  1. Отчуждение
  2. В Плену У Диких Собак
  3. Размышляя О...
  4. В Волнах Желания
  5. Апогей
Side B:
  1. Изгнание Бесов
  2. Погружаясь В Сон
  3. Плач Блуждающей Девы
  4. Спазмы Рассудка
  5. Оковы Славы
  6. Прочь Из Этих Мест
  7. Изгнание Бесов
  8. Катарсис 
All I know about this band is that they were an instrumental avant-garde rock trio from Pushkin (which is in the vicinity of St.Petersburg). This album was recorded during March-April 1990 with the help of Yuri Morozov as sound engineer, and was released on vinyl by Andrei Tropillo's label AnTrop, when the band already has split up.

Although it was produced by such famous (at the time) people in the Russian rock scene, it failed to get much publicity, mostly because the music was too unaccessible for an average listener. There were very few Soviet rock bands whise music could be called "avant-prog", and Sepsis definitely were one of them. The album is titled "Liturgy of Madness", which is a pretty appropriate name for a piece of such scary music (maybe not on pair with the best works of Goblin, Univers Zero and Shub-Niggurath, but still). The only known mp3 rip of it consists of two long tracks corresponding to the A and B sides of the original release:

Monday, November 27, 2017

Mars Everywhere - "Industrial Sabotage" [1980]

Artist: Mars Everywhere
Title: Industrial Sabotage
Genre: Avant-Prog, Space-Rock, Electronic
Country: USA
Release date: 1980

Track List:
  1. The Enchanted Domain
  2. Steady State Theory
  3. Mare Chromium
  4. Zone Of Twilight
  5. Zöln
  6. Attack Of The Giant Squid
A very strange album released on Random Radar Records (which, if I'm not mistaken, was a precursor to Cuneiform Records, which every avant-prog & RIO fan knows about). Some backstory on it can be found here. The author compares Mars Everywhere to Gong and Hawkwind on one side, and to Tangerine Dream or Conrad Schnitzler (and the Berlin school of electronic music in general) on the other. As for me, it sounds suprisingly alike some Yuri Morozov's early electronic works, especially considering that he was using pretty much the same sort of sci-fi/dystopian aesthetics.

It's certainly not for everyone's liking, but if you like both the avant-garde prog rock of the late 70s and early 80s, and the early industrial scene of the same time, give it a listen. Found it at the Ezhevika Fields blog (which has nothing to do with Ezhevika the lead vocalist of Oyme, yet it's still great):

Venetian Snares - "Rossz Csillag Alatt Született" [2005]

Artist: Venetian Snares
Title: Rossz Csillag Alatt Született
Genre: Breakcore
Country: Canada
Release date: 2005

Track List:
  1. Sikertelenség
  2. Szerencsétlen
  3. Öngyilkos Vasárnap
  4. Felbomlasztott Mentökocsi
  5. Hajnal
  6. Galamb Egyedúl
  7. Második Galamb
  8. Szamár Madár
  9. Hiszékeny
  10. Kétsarkú Mozgalom 
  11. Senki Dala 
This is my favourite album in the whole Aaron Funk's large discography, and not only because it features a very interesting and unique mix of breakcore and classical music (see Wikipedia to find out what pieces of classical music were used on there). Most important of all, it's based on the urban legend of the "Hungarian suicide song" ("Szomorú Vasárnap" by Rezső Seress), which greatly impressed me at the time and became one of the most important reasons for me to became interested in the culture of Finno-Ugric peoples. As for Funk, he became interested in this story when he was on his European tour, after imagining himself turning into a pigeon on Budapest's Royal Palace, and he decided to record this album when he came back home to his cats in Winnipeg:

An extremely detailed musicological analysis of "Rossz Csillag Alatt Született" can be found here. Too technical for you? Check out this review then. It's a very interesting read (probably much better than anything that I could ever write on this subject), and I can relate to its author's feelings very well. Just like him, I have never self-harmed and have never attempted suicide, yet I'm diagnosed with depression (F32.1), and the late 2016-early 2017 period was especially horrible for me (thankfully it slowly gets better now).

Monday, November 20, 2017

Access To Arasaka / Erode / Dirk Geiger - "Reports From The Abyss" [2017]

Artist: Access To Arasaka / Erode / Dirk Geiger
Title: Reports From The Abyss
Genre: Industrial, Ambient, IDM
Country: USA
Release date: 2017

Track List:
  1. Reports From The Abyss
  2. Walking With Ghosts
  3. Reset
  4. Fallen Empires
  5. Null Moon
  6. No Place Called Home
  7. Reports From The Abyss [by Anklebiter]
  8. Walking With Ghosts by [Lights Out Asia]
  9. Reset [by Formalin]
  10. Fallen Empires [by Haujobb]
  11. Null Moon [by Displacer]
  12. No Place Called Home [by Dryft]
From Bandcamp: "A very unique collection of songs and different sub-genres that have been fused into something very Industrial, but so new and interesting". A very accurate description of this album, which contains 6 tracks recorded by Access To Arasaka & collaborators around 2012, with alternative versions of each track as a bonus. The whole thing sounds quite different from ATA's solo works, mainly because these tracks are songs rather than soundscapes. Unfortunately, Rob Lioy, the man behind the ATA moniker, is too busy with his family life now to record any new music (at least that's what I've heard), which is a pity because his albums are one of the best examples of the cyberpunk-themed music.

"As early as in the year of 2012 electronic solo artists Access To Arasaka, Erode and Dirk Geiger started reflecting about combining their powers and working like a real band. Their main objective was to write more song-orientated music instead of flowing soundscapes. After months of fruitful collaboration, they held three songs in their hands and felt very happy about the outcome. In quick succession another three promising tracks were finished.

Already during these sessions the idea of engaging other artists for alternative versions of these songs came up. Only artists that were influential and inspirational to the three actors were chosen. The good news is that all of the favored few were on board and did striking versions of said songs.

When everything was recorded and ready for mixing (mixing-session was scheduled literally for the next day!), Erode´s car was broken into and all harddrives plus backup hard drives were gone...
With nothing left and with a heavy heart the three decided to put the project to sleep. Frustrated but grateful for the experiences and the new made friends everybody went back to his business.

In 2016 Erode discovered some old backups in his studio and found fragments of Reports from the Abyss. First there were just some unorganized tracks, but step by step more and more material was brought to light. Within a few months they managed recovering all files. So Erode and Dirk Geiger plucked up courage to walk the extra mile and put everything together for a second time..." 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Time To Meet The Devil - "Inside the Monolith" [2016]

Artist: Time To Meet The Devil
Title: Inside The Monolith
Genre: Dark Ambient, Neoclassical
Country: Russia
Release date: 2016

Track List:
  1. Pure Delirium
  2. Thanatron
  3. Before The Haze
  4. Melting Core
  5. Deadlock
One member of TTMTDis from Volgograd and another one is from Novosibirsk, and this duo is considered to be one of the most interesting new projects on the Russian (post-)industrial scene. The "Inside the Monolith" EP is an attempt in creating futuristic/cyberpunk-themed music mostly inspired by the OSTs by Trent Reznor ("The Girl With Dragon Tattoo" and "Gone Girl), using FL Studio 4: