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Void (US) - "Decoding the Messages of the Drones of Halogen Lights" [2012]

Artist: Void
Title: Decoding the Messages of the Drones of Halogen Lights
Genre: Industrial/Experimental Black Metal
Country: USA
Release date: 2012

Track List: 

  1. A Warning
  2. Deletion of Earthly Dimensions
  3. Premonition Declared by the Moving of Gears
  4. Decoding the Messages of the Drones of Halogen Lights
  5. Rust: The Wisdom of Machinery

"Just as the damp, rusty air permeating through an abandoned structure inexplicably causes one to yearn for a time/place slightly out of reach from the physical world, Void churns to life the sleeping machines of our introspection, once again reattaching the chains of humanity to the spiritual. Void is the autumn chill that scatters the dried leaves across the pavement of our mentality..."

A quite obscure release from a one-man project, that shares name with another industrial back metal band based in the UK. However, this Void comes from New Jersey, and it's run by a guy that has no apparent history of interest in industrial/cyberpunk stuff, but a history of playing in several folk metal bands. Now he has a "retro" psychedelic rock band, and he's unlikely to release anything in the vein of this album anytime soon (this one was recorded 10 years ago, in the fall of 2010). However, i must admit that he got the essense of industrial black metal quite well on this release. The quality of recording is quite raw, but it shouldn't scare you off, because this sort of noisy sound fits the atmosphere of this album quite well. There's a lot of rather unusual guitar parts on this album, and a lengthy ambient piece at the end:

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