Friday, December 25, 2020

Final Entry

Today's my next birthday, and also the last day I update this blog. This surely will be disappointing news for my few loyal readers, but a great relief for me, since running this blog takes too much time and effort without giving much in return. The era of music blogs is clearly over, since you can find almost everything on Youtube and/or Bandcamp nowadays. Moreover, the subcultures from the time I started this blog (2009) are mostly dead by now (and the modern "doomers", whom I can somewhat relate to, still aren't a worthy replacement), so there's not much audience for the stuff I post. Not to mention I'm listening to much less music nowadays than I did a decade ago...

That said, I've found a few great people (including musicians) due to my blog, and I hope my posts will be useful to at least someone in the future, while I move on to new things in life. I had rather serious issues with depression (F32.1) and social anxiety through nearly all my life, which shouldn't surprise my readers, considering what kind of music I mostly post on here. When it got especially bad in late 2016, I finally made a lot of effort to get rid of it, and while I still have a lot of stuff to fix, I feel significantly better about my life by now, and still hoping for doing something really great in my lifetime. These days I'm mostly active on Instagram where I post travel-related stuff, and I'm thinking about starting a popular science blog in the future (not sure in which language and on which platform, though). Anyway, if you don't want to lose contact with me, you can always write me using the contact form. Birthday greetings are welcome, as well as wishes for luck with my homework on the AI/neural networks design, which I'm doing right now.

P.S. For those who are celebrating Christmas, here's a "heavy" cover of a classic Elvis Presley song by the beautiful and talented Daria Zaritskaya (in collaboration with Halocene). While I'm not a big fan of such "bluesy" stuff, Daria surely can sing well, and she knows that today is my birthday too :) Isn't it a great feeling when you open your social media feed on your birthday, and see everyone celebrating and greeting each other? And as far as my tastes go, a music video with Daria wearing a short red dress and high heels is an excellent birthday gift for me:


  1. Thank you for all your publications, I've discovered quite a lot of very interesting musics in the little time I've been reading this blog. I guess I'll still be catching up with everything I haven't read yet in the future years.

    Happy birthday, and I hope your next life projects will be very successful !

    1. Thanks a lot, and I hope my blog will be useful to you. Always nice to know that my work wasn't in vain.

  2. Thank you for the blog and best wishes in the future!

  3. Gracias por el tiempo y corazón para compartir, éxito en tus proyectos y si decides actualizar el blog, aquí estaré 😊

  4. thank you for everything!!!!