Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Senmuth - "Neocortex" [2009]

Artist: Senmuth
Title: Neocortex
Genre: Industrial/Oriental Metal
Country: Russia
Release date: 2009

Track List: 

  1. New Zodiacal Circle
  2. Мой катарсис
  3. Сколы и узоры
  4. Полёты в себя
  5. Камни Аравии
  6. Авторитарность
  7. Догматы и знания
  8. Горящий ворон
  9. Сын камня
  10. Разрушение иллюзий
  11. Work like an Egyptian (Bangles cover)
  12. Come to the Sabbath (Mercyful Fate cover)
  13. Via Combusta [Сожжённый путь]

Regular readers of my blog already are familiar with Senmuth, the "Indiana Jones from the world of music". He can boast one of the biggest discographies among metal artists (almost 270 full-length albums up to this day), mostly inspired by the history and culture of Ancient Egypt and Middle East in general. He went on a 1.5 years long hiatus in 2019 due to poor health, but now he's back with 6 new full-lengths released through 2020. However, today I'll post not his newest ethno/tribal ambient stuff, but one of his classic industrial metal albums.

While "Neocortex" indeed well represents the sound of his albums released in late 2000s, it's very different from his other classics like "Kemet High Tech". Most Senmuth's albums are instrumental, while this one (except for the instrumental intro and outro tracks) features a lot of rather weird sounding vocals (and a lot of unconventional vocal effects. The lyrics, as expected, deal with the topics of ancient history, space, introspection, and at times, anti-dogmatic and anti-authoritarian themes. The music is industrial metal with less gothic/doom metal influences than on other Senmuth's albums from that time, and of course, there's a lot of oriental motives. How about a lezginka in the 9th track (the best one on the whole album)? An industrial metal track based on the Northwest Caucasian (most likely Ossetian) folklore... well, now I truly have heard everything.

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