Friday, December 11, 2020

Emerald Mind - "Almagest" [2020]

Artist: Emerald Mind
Title: Almagest
Genre: Symphonic Prog/Power Metal
Country: Russia
Release date: 2020

Emerald Mind have released only two full-length albums during 12 years of their existence (and 5 more if we count their early years under the name Diadema). The last one was released 5 years ago, and I'm not sure when the next one will come out. According to the band members themselves: "Like Blizzard Entertainment loves to say: it'll be done when it's done". Well, as we all know, Blizzard prefer quality over quantity - "we release not that many games, but all of them are masterpieces". As for Emerald Mind, they occasionally release new singles, and this one is the latest to this day. Just as expected from them, it feautes quality symphonic metal with the beautiful female vocals by Svetlana Vysotskaya (who's also an opera singer nowadays):

One more thing from Emerald Mind that's worth mentioning is their new music video called "Genetic Paradise". While it's quite minimalistic and doesn't show much beyond the vocalist and guitarist (the only two original members left), it's a good match for the song with lyrics of the utopian/transhumanist kind. Svetlana is apparently playing the role of a "hot scientist" from bad Hollywood movies, and she's good at it :) At least it's nice to see her wearing a short lab uniform, and we can agree that she has a perfect figure, right?

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