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Emplosia - s/t [2006]

Artist: Emplosia
Title: Emplosia
Genre: Synthpop
Country: Russia
Release date: 2006

Track List: 

  1. Тоска (Пластилиновые Дни)
  2. Terra X
  3. Она
  4. Daimonion
  5. Никогда
  6. Goodbye
  7. Вектор
  8. Мне Бы
  9. Fire
  10. Girl From Hanau
  11. Запретная Зона
  12. Ключ
  13. Вечность
  14. Мне Бы (Squawk Mix By Babymax)
  15. Мне Бы (Fast Sash Addicted Mix By Inner Conflict)

"This is a quality synthpop / electronic pop act from Russia, sporting smooth female vocals. The synths are bouncey and melodic, borrowing from the early electronic roots of Kraftwerk or Depeche Mode, and there's a pleasant blend of Russian and English language tracks to keep fans happy on both sides of the globe"

Emplosia are a female synthpop duo initially from Saratov, led by Daria Emelyanova. They're one of the longest-running projects on Russian goth scene, formed in early 2000s and started performing live around 2004. During their long career, they've released only one full-length album, but they were an actively preforming band circa 2010, when the interest to such music reached its peak. If I'm not mistaken, they've moved to St. Petersburg around that time:

As someone wrote in the comments: "Nice music, fit". Yes, the Emplosia girls have got both talent and beautiful figures, and nice taste in stage outfits as well. In particular, Daria looks awesome in that black mini dress on stage, performing one of the best Emplosia songs:

AFAIK the band was put on hold long time ago, but Daria is still active in the synthpop & EBM scene even today, when the options for parties and live performances are very limited. Here's a recent photo of her with the guys from DBS/Strong Product:

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