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Индустриальный Пейзаж - "Жалея" [2012]

Artist: Индустриальный Пейзаж
Title: Жалея
Genre: Industrial/Noise/Ambient, Field Recordings
Country: Russia
Release date: 2012

Track List: 

  1. Гори цветок
  2. Жалея
  3. Где ясные зорьки
  4. Весна в твоем доме 1
  5. Весна в твоем доме 2
  6. Весна в твоем доме 3
  7. Дикий простор
  8. Во сне я
  9. Снег
  10. Линда
  11. Новая грязь (ft. Лёша У)
  12. Анатолий Москвин
  13. Зима-любовь 

Here's probably the most long-running industrial/noise project from my city, formed around 2004 and still active as of last year. Индустриальный Пейзаж aka Industrielandschaft, as the name suggests, takes inspiration from the industrial landscapes at the city outskirts, and is led by a guy who was known under the moniker Krott Korotkoff in late 2000s. 


We had plans to meet in person back them, but it never happened for some reasons I don't remember now, and I eventually lost his contacts. Turns out his project is still alive and well, and released a new album in 2019 as a collaboration with Natasha Ilminsky, the frontwoman of an experimental electronic project Nož Nad Lesam:

This 2012 album, however, stands out from the rest of discography because it's more inspired by nature (especially the Linda river valley which is one of my favourite places to relax as well) and the change of seasons, as well as railroad trips and urban exploration, and the abandoned villages to the north of the city (love the album cover). I'd compare it to the "Faces of the Arkhangelsk Governorate" by Six Dead Bulgarians, when it comes to the album concept. 

As for the sound, it's ambient/noise (mostly not too harsh) with spoken word interludes and samples of news reports. Overall, the whole thing sounds like it was recorded for some community like "Russian Doomer Music" (or what of this kind was popular in 2012), and I'm not sure if it's going to be interesting for a wide audience, but still feel obliged to share a release that hits so close to home.

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