Sunday, January 31, 2016

Ак Бүре - "Изге Моңнар" [2015]

Artist: Ак Бүре
Title: Изге Моңнар
Genre: Folk Metal
Country: Russia (Tatarstan)
Release date: 2015

Track List:
  1. Ничеккәйләр Килдегез Сезләр Безгә... 
  2. Нигә Яна Йөрәгем?
  3. Илче Бага
  4. Әнә Шул Cүзең
  5. Идел Буйлары
  6. Ак Калфак
  7. Таң Алды
  8. Фирдәүескәй
  9. Бөрлегән
After the first full-length album of Baradj was released in 2012 and got some publicity, another Tatar folk metal was born: Aq Bure. If my very rudimentary knowledge of Turkic languages doesn't deceive me, it means "White Wolf". After listening to the album I can say that they sound very similar to both Baradj and the better known bands of this genre, like Orphaned Land. Although most of the songs on the album aren't that catchy, I really liked the last track.

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