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Baradj - "Nardughan" [2012]

Artist: Baradj
Title: Nardughan
Genre: Folk/Pagan Metal
Country: Russia (Tatarstan)
Year: 2012

Track List:
  1. Suz Bashi
  2. Nardughan
  3. Khiyal: Shefeg Jile
  4. Sumbul-Nauruz
  5. Dala Iyase
  6. Khiyal: Dever Sulyshy
  7. Irek
  8. Kachkyn
  9. Khiyal: Lale Chechek
  10. Lale Chechek
  11. Khiyal: Bure Sheulese
  12. Ashina
  13. Harkemnen
  14. Khiyal: Qunaqchyllyg
  15. Qurai
  16. Bars
Unlike most bands from the "exotic" countries that I've posted here before, this band comes from a city that's only 400 km away from me (Kazan). Yet they're pretty unique; at least I don't know any other metal bands with lyrics in Tatar language. Not to offend anyone, but all Turkic languages (not only Tatar) sound like some incomprehensible babble to me when I hear them spoken on the streets; however, this album shows that the very same language could sound quite beautiful when used in songs. As for the music, it isn't quite your typical pagan metal: Baradj have released several post-rock EPs prior to this LP, and this one has a certain post-rock/metal touch as well. The vocals are dual (male and female), but mostly female (like in case with Infinite Tales, especially taking in consideration that "Nardughan" has some elements of MDM as well). To give you an example, here's one of the best songs from "Nardughan":

The whole discography of Baradj is officially available for free, so if you liked this album, feel free to check out their earlier releases as well - but keep in mind that their instrumental post-rock EPs and singles doesn't sound much like "Nardughan". Their first demo "Altynchen" is worth listening to as well, even though the quality of production isn't very good and the lyrics are mostly in Russian. I'd describe it as less heavy and more melancholic than this album.

Hope I'd be able to visit Kazan this summer, and maybe even see Baradj playing live. By the way, happy Nauruz-bayram to all Tatars who might be reading this post (I know for sure that at least one half-Tatar will read it ;)).

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