Friday, February 5, 2016

Arcane Symphony - "A New Day Begins" [2015]

Artist: Arcane Symphony
Title: A New Day Begins
Genre: Symphonic Metal
Country: Russia
Release date: 2015

Track List:
  1. Ocean
  2. A New Day Begins
  3. Loneliness
  4. It's a War!
  5. Nostalgia
  6. Trust Yourself
  7. What Is Life for You
  8. To Live Is to Love
  9. Something to Die For
  10. You Are Free
The first time I noticed this band was when I stumbled on several their demo tracks roughly an year ago. Now they have a properly produced full-length album, which didn't disappoint me. Surely they doesn't play anything that wasn't already played by better known sympho-metal bands (like early Within Temptation or Lacuna Coil), yet it's a quality product which is done the way it should be. Anna Volodina (the vocalist) may have some flaws in her English pronunciation, and her voice isn't as strong as, say, the voice of Svetlana from Emerald Mind, but it's quite pleasant to my ears and suits this kind of music fairly well (and she seems to be very proud of having recorded a quality full-length release when she was only 19 years old):

As it was correctly said, female-fronted symphonic/melodic metal & rock is on the rise nowadays because it provides a niche for a very significant amount of girls who dislike the mainstream pop music but aren't into more "tr00" and "br00tal" genres either. Symphonic/melodic metal fashion is also a major factor of attaction to them, because it allows them to look hot according to both mainstream and metal/rock scene standarts. That said, this particular photo of Arcane Symphony makes them look more like a synthpop band (I must admit that Anna looks awesome in this short white dress, though):

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P.S. A couple of years later, I found Anna on Instagram, and she turned out not only beautiful and talented, but also very sweet girl who was happy to answer all of my questions:

Actually, I wanted to post much more photos of her, but I had to keep the size of this post within reasonable limits. My personal favourites are the ones where Anna wears a short white dress and high heels, even if it's not very metal :)

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