Tuesday, January 5, 2016

ПасхаБосха - "Postmusic" [1995]

Artist: ПасхаБосха
Title: Postmusic
Genre: Post-Punk, Analog Noise, No Wave
Country: Russia
Release date: 1995

Track List:
  1. Fracas
  2. Саломеи
  3. Крест Чорт
  4. NomineDomine
  5. Молох
  6. Deo Volente
  7. Касть
  8. Цитадель Всего 
Another project of Nikita Borisov, known for Христос Пантократор, Res Nullius and several other noise & industrial acts that existed in my city during mid-1990s. It bears many similarities with his other projects, but I find it much more interesting than, say, Res Nullius (which, for the most part, was just monotonous quitar noise). Lengthy atonal compositions, mostly instrumental, that strongly remind me of early Swans (and I won't be surprised if this album was inspired by krautrock and RIO as well). It's dark, but not really loud and not THAT noisy, so it might appeal to the fans of less experimental post-punk too. "Postmusic" is a quite lengthy release, but it isn't that hard to sit down though the whole album if you enjoy this kind of music. As for the name, it suits the sound quite well and reminds me of the times when the prefix "post-" wasn't as overused as it is nowadays.

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