Sunday, January 31, 2016

Violet Cold - "Magic Night" [2016]

Artist: Violet Cold
Title: Magic Night
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal, Post-Rock
Country: Azerbaijan
Release date: 2016

Track List:
  1. Everything You Can Imagine Is Real...
  2. Magic Night
  3. Warm Winter
  4. For Amelie (Polish Lullaby)
  5. Sea
  6. Drowned In The Lights
  7. Silver Moon (Pt. I)
  8. Silver Moon (Pt. II)
  9. Last Day On Earth
New album of Emin Guliyev (Violet Cold), released literally just a few hours ago, features exactly what this project is famous for: a mix of atmospheric black metal with instrumental post rock and ambient piano parts. While this album generally belongs to the post-rock scene (both musically and aesthetically), the black metal influence is strong enough too. You can call it "hipster black metal", yet this is awesome and I'd trade this album for 1000 generic "tr00" black metal albums. It's certainly no worse than Deafknife or Toluca, and just a couple of years ago I couldn't even imagine that something like this exists in Azerbaijan. Now let's hope that Violet Cold would get even more recognition worldwide than it currently has (very deservedly), as it's definitely one of the finest projects of this kind from ex-USSR... not to mention that the atmosphere in most of Emin's works matches my usual mood quite well.

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