Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Hurd - "Zuirleh Argagui" [2005]

Artist: Hurd
Title: Зүйрлэх аргагүй
Genre: Heavy Metal, Alt.Rock
Country: Mongolia
Release date: 2005

Track List:
  1. Алаг нүдэн
  2. Энд нэг л бишээ
  3. Яг л чам шиг
  4. Зэвүүн харц
  5. Алт
  6. Зөрөөд өнгөрсөн бүсгүй
  7. Намуухан орчлон
  8. Ер бусын сүм
  9. Би дуртай
  10. Цоглог оюутан
  11. Би амьдарч чадна
  12. Тоотой санагдах юм
  13. Зүйрлэх аргагүй
  14. Нүүдлийн кино театр
  15. Хонгор сэтгэл
  16. Хөгшин атаман
Now I've listened to all 5 Mongolian metal bands that have released at least something: Hurd, Ayasiin Salhi, Aravt, Tortured Voice, and Ornaments Of Agony. (There was also a short-lived black metal project called Baigaliin Haranhui which released a demo in early 2000s, but judging from a review in Vae Solis XV, I haven't missed much by not listening to it.) These bands mostly aren't bad, but pretty unoriginal, as opposed to less heavy Mongolian rock bands such as Haranga and Altan Urag that are well known for their unique sound. For instance, the only Ayasiin Salhi album I could find is fairly standard old school death metal without any particularly "Mongolian" features. The band started to play as early as in April 1984 (earlier than most Soviet metal bands), so their early demos might sound different, but they're nowhere to be found.

Hurd is an old band as well, formed in 1992 and having the same cult status in Mongolia as Aria have over here or Iron Maiden have in Britain. This particular album was surpisingly posted by the Industrial Technology Music a couple of weeks ago. Let's get it straight: it isn't an industrial metal album by any means, but it does include some electronic moments in addition to the usual heavy metal/rock sound that can be found on all Hurd albums. If I'm not mistaken, the album name means "Uncomparable", and the band name "Hurd" means "Speed".

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