Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sirr - "Yoruldum" [2014]

Artist: Sirr
Title: Yoruldum
Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Azerbaijan
Release date: 2014

Track List:
  1. Yaşamaq Gözəldir
  2. Yaşa Ruhumda
  3. Bir Payız Səhəri
  4. Şamdan
  5. Adın Nədir
  6. Ömür
  7. O Deyir
  8. Yoruldum
Sirr were formed in early 2004 by a former bassist of Yuxu, one of the best known bands in the Sumgait rock scene. Sumgait is known for being a home town for a relatively high amount of rock bands in a not very "rocking" country (here's a more or less comprehensive list of all known rock bands in Azerbaijan, it's up for you to decide if it's a lot or not). Initially they were playing blues, but later shifted to a heavier kind of sound (but still very melodic). The material presented on their first (and only so far) full-length album "Yoruldum" is fairly traditional melodic heavy metal, albeit with a noticeable amount of folk motives which make the band's sound easily distinguishable from numerous European bands of the same style.

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