Saturday, March 1, 2014

Elfica - "El lado oscuro de Venus" [2008]

Artist: Elfica
Title: El Lado Oscuro De Venus
Genre: Gothic Metal/Rock
Country: Mexico
Year: 2008

Track List:
  1. Melodía Muerta
  2. El Llanto De Un Ángel
  3. Fuego Sagrado
  4. Recuerda Que Las Rosas
  5. El Lado Obscuro De Venus
  6. Donde Estarás
  7. Resucitar En Tu Piel
  8. Pacto
Another female-fronted metal bad from Latin America which has some potentially interesting material, but the vocal work and the overall quality of recording is a serious letdown. Elfica are an all-female band from a mid-sized town in Mexico called Delicias, and this EP is their only release so far. The music is rather simplistic, but they do have some nice melodies, and of course Spanish is an ideal language for such kind of music. The vocals leave a lot to be improved, though. Maybe they sound better live, but it isn't realistic for me to get on their concert (I don't think they play live outside Mexico, and I'm not going there or elsewhere in the Americas any time soon)...

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