Friday, March 7, 2014

Dreams After Death / Nagaarum - "Kuiper" [2013]

Artist: Dreams After Death / Nagaarum
Title: Kuiper
Genre: Dark Ambient, Atmospheric Black/Doom Metal
Country: Hungary
Year: 2013

Track List:
  1. Dreams After Death - Beyond the Planets
  2. Dreams After Death - Gate to the Unknown
  3. Dreams After Death - Frozen Light
  4. Dreams After Death & Nagaarum - Kollidum
  5. Nagaarum - Impakt
  6. Nagaarum - A Peremnél
  7. Nagaarum - Dave
  8. Nagaarum - A Null-dimenzióhoz
Here's one more proof that space-themed avantgarde music from Hungary is one of the best worldwide. Well, maybe calling this split "avant-garde" might be a stretch too far - because it's nice but not particularly mindblowing. Dreams After Death is an one-man funeral doom project from Budapest, of which I haven't heard before. Nagaarum is an one-man project too, whose only member have played in Sunseth Sphere, Éjfény, Guilthee, and a few more obscure projects. As I have already said, their split turned out to be good, but nothing outstanding (and a bit too lengthy). However, if you're into space-themed music (dark ambient and doom metal in particular), or Hungarian underground scene - you won't be disappointed IMO.

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