Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Great Redneck Hope - "'Splosion!!" [2003]

Artist: The Great Redneck Hope
Title: 'Splosion!!
Genre: Grindcore, Chaotic Hardcore
Country: USA
Year: 2003

Track List:
  1. Hey Goth Girl, Isn't It A Little Hot To Be Wearing Pants?
  2. A Rhetorical Question: What Do Christian Kids Talk About? (ex: 'God Is Awesome' 'Totally!')
  3. I Don't Lift Weights To Impress The Bitches, I Lift Weights To Knock A Sucka's Teeth Out
  4. Three Easy Steps To Digging Up And Reanimating Your Ass, Only To Rock It Into The Ground Again
  5. You're Fired, You're Fired, You're Fired. Godamnit I'm Spike Lee
  6. Girl, Are You Down With Bacteria, And If So, Would You Like To See Inside Our Van
  7. Oh My God. Omigod. Oohh My God. I Thought Nailguns Had A Safety
  8. I'm Pretty Sure I Got My Cat Pregnant
  9. They Say The People Elect The Government They Deserve, But I Dont Remember Knife-Raping Any Retarded Nuns
From a random blog:

"The Great Redneck Hope hail from Colorado and play a punishing mixture of grindcore and screamo.  Brutally executed breakdowns, spazzy, all-over-the-place riffage and bloodcurdling shrieks make these dudes stand out like a nun at an Anal Cunt show. Their song titles are fucking ridiculous too! Enjoy!"

This pretty much sums up my own thoughts on this album. I'm certainly not a fan of chaotic hardcore/screamo, but these guys are good. Their song titles are indeed very funny, just as expected from a not-so-serious grindcore band (by the way, most of the grindcore you can find here in the ex-USSR is "funny grindcore" as well; it often seems like these bands are formed not for playing music, but for inventing as many hilarious song titles as possible). As for the download link, you can find one in the blog that I've linked to above.

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