Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sad Alice Said - "Clock Of Eternity" [2011]

Artist: Sad Alice Said
Title: Clock Of Eternity
Genre: Gothic Rock/Metal
Country: Ukraine
Year: 2011

Track List:
  1. Clock Of Eternity
  2. Tomb-Like Silence
  3. The Son Of Nightmare And Pain
  4. Door In Autumn
  5. Open Your Eyes
A female-fronted gothic rock/metal band with better quality of production than Cold Sight, but less heavy. Sad Alice Said is a project of Alisa Shakor from Zhytomir, Ukraine. Initially it was thought to be an all-female band, but now their lineup is 50/50 male/female. Alisa's voice is very nice, but their music is hardly metal for the most part. They also made a quite beautiful video for the song "Open Your Eyes":

I've read their interview where they were asked to describe the metal scene of Ukraine:

"- One word: bad.
- Really?
- No, there are talented young bands, but we don't have sufficient infrastructure, and enough support from the fans. Everybody downloads music and nobody buys CDs, nobody goes to concerts.
- Well, we understand, here in Russia it's very hard to get promotion too. And how easy is it for an young band from Ukraine?
- Again, just one word: hard."

However, I'll post here their first EP in hope to help giving them more publicity. I understand they aren't from a rich country and any financial support is important for them, so visit their Amazon and iTunes pages if you want to support them.

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