Thursday, January 23, 2014

Infinite Tales - "Generation Of The Last" [2014]

Artist: Infinite Tales
Title: Generation Of The Last
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Country: Ukraine
Year: 2014

Track List:
  1. Generation Of The Last
  2. 667
  3. Pandemic Of Anger
  4. The First Rainy Day Of Your Last Summer
  5. Infection
  6. Breaking The System
  7. Dethmarch
  8. Revolution
  9. The Final Act Of Freedom
  10. Before Our Last Stand
  11. Killing The Kindness In Ourselves
  12. Funeral Theme
Again, thanks to the guy behind Cracked Core for pointing me to one another excellent band. Right before I started listening to "Generation Of The Last", I was highly skeptical about the possibility of finding a interesting, non-cliché MDM band in the post-Soviet space. However, after the listening I was pleasantly surprised how good it turned out to be. The quality of recording is very good, as well as the song composition and musicianship. The vocals are dual - male and female (but mostly female).

After telling some of my Kiev-based friends about Infinite Tales, I found out that at least two of them know the band members in person. The world is small, indeed :) Like many Ukrainian bands, Infinite Tales have complained about the lack of support from the fans, but I think posting this album for free download would be OK - because the band themselves are giving their whole discography out for free here.

And regarding the recent events in Kiev - seems like the lyrics for one of their early songs ("No War For This Century") are starting to be prophetic:

"The flame is on the town,
The fire wall burns the streets..."

I've spent the whole last night watching a live video stream from the streets of Kiev, and it was looking completely surreal. Huge walls of fire from burning tires in the night, large crowds of angry people (some of them armed with swords, bows and shields, and if this declaration reflects their views - they honestly think of themselves as some kind of modern day crusaders) - it all looks more like a scene from a noir sci-fi movie than something from the real life. And the sound of chaotic drumming strongly reminded me of early industrial like Test Dept, further adding to the "otherworldly" atmosphere. Moreover, one of my friends from Kiev who stayed at home during the protests, also had hard time believing that it all happens not only on the same planet, but in the very same city she lives in. Indeed, the reality can be scarier than any fiction...

As for me - half of my relatives live in Ukraine (far from Kiev, though), so you can guess what I'm feeling about the perspective for Ukraine to turn into second Syria. By the way, Zoltán Farkas (the vocalist of Infinite Tales) has probably the most sane opinion about these events, but who's going to listen to him?.. We can only hope that the lyrics of "No War For This Century" (quite naive in its anti-war message, but nevertheless very actual) won't turn out in reality.

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