Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ewigkeit - "Conspiritus" [2005]

Artist: Ewigkeit
Title: Conspiritus
Genre: Industrial Metal
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2005

Track List:
  1. Intro - The Hypothesis
  2. It's Not Reality
  3. Square Sunrise
  4. The Nightmare Institution
  5. Far Away from Heaven
  6. Transcend the Senses
  7. The Thought Police
  8. How to Conquer the World (Live at the Bohemian Grove)
  9. Theoreality
  10. Conspiritus
The last full-length album by Ewigkeit, often considered to be the best work of Mr.Fog. Lyrically and conceptually, it reminds me of Agent Steel, Veratu, and Senmuth. As for the download link, I think it wouldn't be hard to find using filestube...

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