Sunday, July 2, 2017

Charger - "Desperadoes / Are You Out There?" [1984]

Artist: Charger
Title: Desperadoes / Are You Out There? 7''
Country: UK
Release date: 1984

Track List:
  1. Desperadoes 
  2. Are You Out There?
In the next few days, I'm going to review quite a lot of obscure NWOBHM bands (most of which I've discovered thanks to Vibrations of Doom), many of which have released just one 7'' single and then vanished. Let's start from a band that shares name with their much better known compatriots who have played sludge. Honestly the only thing I find interesting about the sludge Charger is the name of their second album, "Confessions of a Man (Mad Enough to Live Among Beasts)". This Charger, however, managed to release a very good 7'' with two simplistic but catchy songs. Enjoy:

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