Friday, June 30, 2017

Tygers of Pan Tang - "Spellbound" [1981]

Artist: Tygers of Pan Tang
Title: Spellbound
Country: UK
Release date: 1981

Track List:
  1. Gangland
  2. Take It
  3. Minotaur
  4. Hellbound
  5. Mirror
  6. Silver and Gold
  7. Blackjack
  8. The Story So Far
  9. Tyger Bay
  10. Don't Stop By
Tygers of Pan Tang, while nowhere near as successful as such their compatriots as Iron Maiden or Judas Priests, were and still are one of the most important NWOBHM bands. Not all their albums are equally good, but at least the first two ones can the safely considered to be classics of NWOBHM.

Here's their sophomore release "Spellbound" that's rightfully viewed as the best in their discography by many critics. Like most their other albums, it's more on the "glam" side of things than many other NWOBHM classics, but it isn't a bad thing in this particular case. My personal favourite track on this album, however, is the ballad "Mirror" that stands out of the whole album. I also absolutely should mention the cover art. While most ToPT albums feature cats and tigers on their covers, this one is particularly cool, and I really would like to see a cartoon movie drawn in this style :)

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