Friday, July 7, 2017

Dawnwatcher - studio recordings [1977-83]

Here's a video compilation dedicated to a quite unique NWOBHM band called Dawnwatcher, featuring their tracks "Hall of Mirrors", "Attitudes", "Spellbound", "Firing On All Eight", "Salvador's Dream", "Children of the Night" and "Backlash", all of which were recorded during 1977-83.

Their 1979 demo got a quite negative review on, whose author has called them a poor clone of Deep Purple - but regardless of that, I can safely say that their later releases are awesome. Their sound isn't typical of NWOBHM, being full of 1970s progressive rock elements (especially the keyboard improvisations). My favourite songs of theirs are "Backlash" and "Hall of Mirrors".

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