Saturday, July 15, 2017

Brainfever - "Capture the Night" [1984]

Artist: Brainfever
Title: Capture the Night
Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Germany
Release date: 1984

Track List
  1. Into The Sky
  2. Hangman
  3. Danger In The Night
  4. Thunder And Lightning
  5. Dirty Streets
  6. Brainfever
  7. Capture The Night
  8. Midnight Train
  9. Tool For The Show
  10. Suicide
This album is my favourite among the now-forgotten releases from the 80s German metal scene, despite its rather poor quality of production (which was okay for its time, though). Not all songs on "Capture the Night" are equally good, yet it does contain some really awesome tracks, such as "Into the Sky", "Midnight Train", and the title track. What should be also noted is the outstanding vocal performance. While there's apparently something wrong with the anatomy of the person on the cover picture, this cover art reflects the overall atmosphere of the album very well.

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