Friday, July 5, 2013

Pagan Lorn - "Nihillenium" [1998]

Artist: Pagan Lorn
Title: Nihillenium
Genre: Death/Doom Metal
Country: Luxembourg
Year: 1998

Track List:
  1. Outrage
  2. Silence For A Day
  3. Prone
  4. Freezing Lust
  5. Collapsed
  6. You Vs. You
  7. Impose
  8. Gone
  9. ...And Forgotten
  10. Unborn (hidden track)
The second and the last album by Pagan Lorn, which is a masterpiece (or at least close to it) in my opinion. It's much heavier than "Black Wedding", and features more complex song structures. I'd call it "avant-garde doom/death metal". Even though it has a lot of death metal elements, the roots of "Nihillenium" stem from classical doom metal; it applies both to music and the atmosphere on this album. My favourite track (both musically and lyrically) is "Freezing Lust". "...And Forgotten" is also worth mentioning, although it's more of a melancholic ballad, and definitely much less heavy than any other track on this album. In general, "Nihillenium" is strongly recommended to those who's into really powerful, gloomy, cold doom metal with an avant-garde tinge. Such a shame that it's so unknown...

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