Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Naakhum - "Backward in the Times: Part II" [2012]

Artist: Naakhum
Title: Backward in the Times: Part II
Genre: Atmospheric Black/Pagan Metal, Tribal Industrial/Ambient
Country:Spain (Catalonia)
Year: 2012

Track List:
  1. Starčevo Fanfare
  2. Винчанска Култура (Vinča)
  3. Vímanas
  4. Ancient Astronauts
  5. Spiral of Time
  6. Tassili n'Ajjer
  7. Cranial Deformation
  8. Cattle Mutilation
  9. Genetic Harvest
  10. Nimrod
  11. Code of Hammurabi
  12. The Ezekiel's Sightings
  13. Ðavolja Varoš (Goran Bregovic's Bubamara)
  14. Zep Tepi
  15. Tiahuanaco
  16. Stone of the Five Eras
  17. Surya Mantra
  18. Thermopylae (Θερμοπυλών)
  19. Molon Labe (Μολὼν λαβέ)
  20. Montserrat (A l'Antiguitat)
  21. Terrenys Verges
A quite lengthy release from Naakhum, which is currently his latest album. Even though the quality of production is still far from perfect, it has improved significantly since the release of "2012: Dawn of Fate Frequency" and the 1st part of "Backward in the Times", and of course, Naakhum deserves to be respected for being able to create rich and insteresting music while his technical abilities apparently are limited. The lyrical themes remain the same: mysterious facts and incidents, ancient civilizations and pagan myths. One can argue that Naakhum is just a clone of Senmuth (both musically and conceptually), but even it's close to truth, there aren't many projects like this, that really stand out from thousands of generic metal bands.

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