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Gorduw - "Dialectics Tar Diokihtis" [2001]

Artist: Gorduw
Title: (Vosmaya Chastt Istorii Feitnathorotha) Dialectics Tar Diokihtis
Label: Folvork Prods.
Genre: Industrial / Black Ambient / Noise / Power Electronics
Country: Russia
Release date: 2001

Track List:
  1. …Torna Endorhii
  2. Stevaden Torna Edaktee Wchern Aiyansar
  3. Sha-maan Codes Tar Gultu Hadge 2
  4. Tu 'aavard Tar Armo-piercing Teenkiiav
  5. Paranormal Kamla Gorduw
  6. Enddor
  7. Harg Stinnikkyt Tar Rationalism
  8. Pantu Merg Tiginei Vurduhai
  9. Malar Ree Eco-tii Torna Kaytan…
  10. Wahhou, Kumkelga Sti Tar Meeyo
  11. Kumkelga Umi Nagg-tii Liznin Ertoku

All Music & Lyrics By dr.Feitnathoroth.
Recorded & Mixed At Bledniy Drozd Studio In October - December 2000.
Produced By dr.Feitnathoroth.
Alhora: Some Vocal Samples.
Cover & All Art By dr.Feitnathoroth/Diversion Industry.
(P)&(C)2001 Folvork’prod. Kfeytzez 041 - 042.

Maybe this album was posted elsewhere before, but a quick search in google yields only dead links, so I'll post the only mp3 rip of this album I have (128kbps only) which I obtained in 2006 (if I remember correctly). Out of all Gorduw albums I've heard so far it's definitely my favourite one. It starts with a lengthy harsh noise intro (…Torna Endorhii) and continues with repetitive electronic (industrial/dub/ambient) soundspaces. I'm not saying "repetitive" as if it's something bad, because it only helps Gorduw's music to create a very dark and hypnotic atmosphere. "Dialectics Tar Diokihtis" is a quite lengthy release, but personally I can easily sit down through its while playing time (while I can't say the same about many dark ambient albums, even very renowned ones...)

The album is entirely instrumental, but there's a lot of voice samples which are mostly unintelligible (except for "4... 3... 2... 1..." samples of female voice, probably by Alhora). According to the release notes, all the music was wriiten by dr. Feitnathoroth during his shamanic practices which involved being intoxicated on Amanita Muscaria ("Gultu" in Folvork language) and other hallucinogenic mushrooms. Just like in case with all the other Gorduw releases, all the track names are in made-up "Folvork" language.

The whole Folvork Prods. label ceased its existence circa ~2006 (according to the rumours - due to the imprisonment of dr. Feitnathoroth), but since 2011, other undersround labels started to release new albums of Gorduw. I haven't heard any of them yet, but something tells me I shouldn't expect much from them. As for "Dialectics Tar Diokihtis", it's an excellent album in my opinion, despite its simplicity - that's an example of a really dark and impressive industrial/electronic album with raw DIY production. If only the creator of music wasn't trying to be so badly kvlt (which, unfortunately, is the case not only with Gorduw, but with a lot of black metal and PE projects)...

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