Saturday, December 12, 2015

Tatyana Solovyeva / Татьяна Соловьева

Here's some more Finno-Ugric pop/folk that caught my attention recently. I couldn't find much info about Tatyana Solovyeva on the net (mostly because her name is too common here), yet I managed to find out that she's a writer and a singer living in Yoshkar-Ola. Her live performance videos are hard to find too, but here you can have one:
Looks like she has a full-length album consisting of 19 tracks, but I couldn't find it anywhere, so I'll just post all her songs I managed to find by a quick search. The quality of production is varied, but it's fairly good for the most part. Genre-wise, it's just pop music with some hints of folk melodies, but it's the best Mari pop I've heard so far (apart from Marina Sadova's songs). This is also the closest thing to my Hungarian pop/folk favourites like Nox that I could find near me.

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