Saturday, December 12, 2015

Lydia Loginova / Лидия Логинова

I've saved the best of obscure Finno-Ugric folk/pop music for the last, and this best is Lydia Loginova from Komi Republic. She starded to sing at least 30 years ago and managed to become one of the most popular artists in her home region, while remaining almost completely unknown to the outside world. It's an injustice because her songs are some of the best Finno-Ugric folk I've heard so far (she's even better than Marina Sadova, I think).

Don't know if she released any proper albums, but I made a compilation of the best songs I could find (I'm sure she has more, though). Very beautiful music, much more "folk" than "pop". She's also said to have the ideal Komi pronunciation, which might be useful for those who plan or currently are learning the language (I heavily doubt there are many of such enthusiasts, though...)

(not sure about that, but one of the songs in the archive (the last one) might be actually performed by Victoria Pystina, who has a similar voice and manner of singing)

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