Tuesday, December 22, 2015

НХЛ - "Антрэпология" [1999]

Artist: НХЛ
Title: Антрэпология
Genre: Aggro-Industrial
Country: Russia
Release date: 1999

Track List:
  1. Континенты
  2. Идентификация
  3. Изнеможение
  4. Иммунитет
  5. Атрибуты
  6. Боже Царя...
  7. Ночь
  8. Человечество
НХЛ/NHL were formed in my city by Andrey Bugrov (songwriting, vocals, guitar, keyboards, drum programming) and Sergey Katorgin (solo guitar) in late 1994. Initially they played noisy post-punk which was common in Russian underground scene back then, but by late 1990s their sound gradually became more heavier. Unless I'm not aware of something, they were the first aggro-industrial band from my home region (it isn't like there are many of them anyway...) The band themselves described their style as "pseudo-social post-industrial sympho-punk" (whatever it means), and mentioned Ministry, NIN, Rammstein and Lacrimosa among the bands that have inspired them.

NHL split up circa 2002, but Andrey Bugrov released a couple more albums under this name during 2003-2005 (which are nowhere near as good the ones from 1990s, though). This cassette is probably the best release in their discography, although the previous one ("Флаг на щеке" '98) was pretty good too. It was recorded during the time when the members of NHL were getting into rapcore, so the hip-hop influence on the vocal work is quite prominent (hence the name of the release, "AnthRAPology"). It's also said to feature female vocals by Olga Shestaeva, but honestly I can't heard any. The quality of sound on the master tape was quite good, but this only rip I could find on the net is of rather poor quality (but still listenable). My personal favourite is the track #5 ("Attributes"). For those who's interested, the rest of their discography can be found here.

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