Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Marina Sadova - Mari El folk/pop

Speaking of folk music in Finno-Ugric languages, I'd like to present you Marina Sadova from Mari El. Her native Mari language is definitely more "exotic" than Finnish or Hungarian, but I live not so far from Mari El and have more personal connection to that place than to the other regions populated by Finno-Ugric people. You may learn more about that place with help of this wikipedia page (which is quite biased, though).

From my impression, Mari language sounds equally distant from both Finnish and Hungarian (for my ears, it's more resembling Hungarian than Finnish, but in linguistics, Mari is grouped together with the latter). I discovered Marina Sadova because of this video, which was spammed by someone on 2ch.hk's /wm/ board like there's no tomorrow (looks like now it's posted quite often on 4chan's /pol/ and Krautchan's /int/, but I don't visit these shitholes anymore):

However, I like this one better, even if it sounds rather "pop" than "folk":

This is the case with most of her songs, but it's definitely not the worst kind of pop music (at least she actually can sing, unlike a lot of other pop singers):

If I'm not mistaken, the video below was filmed in Yurino. I've been to there around 15 years ago, when I was ~12 years old, and it's the only place in Mari El I've visited so far (although I plan to visit Yoshkar-Ola or Kozmodemyansk this summer):

The biggest Marina's success so far is her performance on Liet International Festival 2014 - a festival for the bands and artists singing in minority languages which took place in Oldenburg (Germany). Here's her profile on the official site of the festival (albeit it isn't very informative).

I couldn't find much more information about her, except for her date of birth (3 May 1997). Here are all her songs I could find, including the Russian versions of two of her songs, and one song she performed as a part of  the "Yandar" duo:

Looks like Mari El has a thriving pop-folk scene (other Finno-Ugric regions near me, like Mordovia or Udmurtia, doesn't seem to have anything like this), with mostly female singers, but I haven't explored it thoroughly yet. Here's another good song of this kind, although the singer's voice isn't quite as strong as Marina's:

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