Sunday, December 27, 2015

Фронт - "Металлизация XXV" [2012]

Artist: Фронт
Title: Металлизация XXV
Genre: Industrial Thrash Metal
Country: Russia
Release date: 2012

Track List:
  1. Мы победим!
  2. Железный кулак
  3. Готовность №1
  4. Мрачные стены
  5. Колыбельная
  6. Ультиматум
  7. Решётка
  8. Металлизация
Фронт/Front were one of the first thrash metal bands in the USSR, and almost certainly the first to record a full-length thrash metal album there ("Металлизация '1987"). This is a re-recorded version of that historical album, released 25 years after. You may notice that, while still being thrash metal in its core, this album sounds quite "Rammstein-esque". That's because the band became seriously influenced by then-nascent Neue Deutsche Haerte movement during the mid-90s (probably one of the first to do that in Russia as well, in addition to being the pioneers of USSR thrash metal). The original 1987 version of the album can be found here.

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