Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lostime - "Demo II" [2011]

Artist: Lostime
Title: Demo II
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Country: China
Release date: 2011

One more Asian post-black metal project, which has released two demos so far. I haven't listened to the first demo, but this one is quite good (yet very short - consisting of only one untitled track).

Friday, October 7, 2011

Al-Kamar - "Abstract Spread" [2011]

Artist: Al-Kamar
Title: Abstract Spread
Genre: Post-Black Metal / Depressive Rock
Country: Japan
Release date: 2011

Track List:
  1. Float World
  2. Black End (Miku Hatsune - Clean Vocal)
  3. Pessimism
  4. Vanity Moon
  5. Nothingless (x2)
  6. Hypocrisy Luna
  7. Hollow Revenge
I became interested in this project mostly because it uses some synthetized vocals by Miku Hatsune (Vocaloid 2 pack). Yes I know there are death metal bands using dogs and parrots as singers, but it's the first time when I hear about a metal band using Vocaloid. Apparently it's music made for hikikomori and by a hikikomori who couldn't find a real female singer for his project :) However, it's just amateur stuff and I can't take it seriously TBH. If you want some really good depressive black metal/shoegaze, you'd better listen to Amesoeurs or Dernier Martyr...

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Gigantic Brain / Ganglia / Jet Jaguar Kr-3 Kill Spree - 3-way split [2009]

Artist: Gigantic Brain / Ganglia / Jet Jaguar Kr-3 Kill Spree
Title: 3-way split
Genre: Industrial Grindcore
Country: USA
Release date: 2009 (2005?)

Track list:
  1. Gigantic Brain - Obey the Brain
  2. Gigantic Brain - Emotionally unstable Mother of four
  3. Gigantic Brain - Ultra-Maniak Steve
  4. Gigantic Brain - Dungeon freak
  5. Gigantic Brain - Hacksaw Kid
  6. Gigantic Brain - Early funeral for the upset Baby
  7. Gigantic Brain - Monopoly money Millionaire
  8. Gigantic Brain - Pigs in Space
  9. Gigantic Brain - Creature made of Bone
  10. Gigantic Brain - Together we make a Family
  11. Ganglia - Start now
  12. Ganglia - Crowd pleaser
  13. Ganglia - Vampire Violence
  14. Ganglia - Copycat Ripoff
  15. Ganglia - Speculator
  16. Ganglia - Somedays
  17. Ganglia - Hogtied
  18. Ganglia - Wild Turkey
  19. Ganglia - Unplanned Parenthood
  20. Ganglia - Descendant Of The Soil
  21. Jet Jaguar Kr-3 Kill Spree - Gynecological Instruments For Operating On Mutant Women
  22. Jet Jaguar Kr-3 Kill Spree - ...And Then The Hornets. My God...
  23. Jet Jaguar Kr-3 Kill Spree - Materia And Gil
  24. Jet Jaguar Kr-3 Kill Spree - Weeping And Gnashing Teeth
  25. Jet Jaguar Kr-3 Kill Spree - Unspecified Motor Error
  26. Jet Jaguar Kr-3 Kill Spree - Satanic Vampires On Morphine (Dance Mix)
A very obscure 3-way split album featuring 3 digital grindcore projects from the United States - namely Gigantic Brain, Ganglia, and Jet Jaguar Kr-3 Kill Spree. There's almost no information about this release - even the date is uncertain (2009? 2005?), plus I couldn't find a cover image for it. However, all 3 projects are great, especially Jet Jaguar Kr-3 Kill Spree - which is rather a noise project than a cybergrind one.