Friday, December 11, 2015

Ladi Sveti - "Веръя" [2015]

Artist: Ladi Sveti
Title: Веръя
Genre: Folk/Pop
Country: Russia (Udmurtia)
Release date: 2015

Track List:
  1. Веръя
  2. Пӧяд
  3. Шузимемын
 Ladi Sveti is the stage name of Svetlana Ruchkina, the voice of Silent Woo Goore. Unfortunately for those who liked the "rock" side of her creative output, her solo works are just pop with some Udmurt folk influences (not much, to be honest). However, while I can't describe is as "great" or awesome", it isn't the worst kind of pop music out there (as someone has described it, "imagine Moloko singing in Udmurt language), and it's surely better than most other Udmurt pop I've heard so far (for some reason, the Udmurt folk/pop scene isn't as impressive as the Mari one). "Веръя" is a maxi-single containing 3 original tracks and 3 remixes which weren't included in here.

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