Monday, July 20, 2015

UNIA - "Крынiчанька" [2008]

Artist: UNIA
Title: Крынiчанька
Genre: Industrial Folk Metal, Alternative Rock, Folk-Rock
Country: Belarus
Year: 2008

Track List:
  1. Крынiчанька
  2. Ульяна
  3. Крынiчанька (mix by Kemlivae sontsa)
UNIA are a folk rock/metal band formed in Minsk in late 2006. The initial lineup consisted of 9 (!) musicians, but the latest known lineup consists only of 7 - including a male vocalist and two female ones. They have recorded two full-length albums so far and gained a limited recognition in their home region (but unfortunately, not much outside it). I couldn't find any news from them past 2012, and their official site wasn't updated since the end of 2008 - but I still hope they haven't split up, because I really liked both of their albums and would be happy to hear more from them.

Here's their free internet single "Крынiчанька", released in 2008 shortly before their debut full-length album ("Долам"). The title track is probably the best song they've recorded so far - a very organic mix of traditional folk music and alternative/industrial rock, reminds me of Risha. The single also contains an alternate (electronic) version of that track, and a more traditional folk-sounding song. Live performances of these songs (the quality of sound is quite bad, I must admit):

(also available from their official site)