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Август - "Концерт в ДК им. Кирова" [1983]

Artist: Август
Title: Концерт в ДК им. Кирова
Genre: Melodic Hard Rock, Hard'n'Heavy
Country: USSR
Release date: 1983

Track List:
  1. Instrumental
  2. Intro
  3. Где ты, детство
  4. Австралия
  5. Музыка льётся
  6. Посвящение другу
  7. У моря 
  8. Instrumental II
  9. Часы
  10. Обгоняй
  11. Помни
  12. Intro II
  13. Август
  14. Торопись
  15. Желаю вам
Август/August were one of the first metal bands in USSR (first played together in 1982, you can guess in which month) and also the first Soviet band to play on an international metal festival (Metalmania-1988 in Katovice, Poland, where they shared the stage with Kreator and Rage). The band still exists today, although none of the initial members have left in their lineup.

Since mid-1980 they started to play melodic heavy metal inspired by Accept (which you probably already have figured out by just looking at their logo ;)) and Whitesnake, but on these early recordings they played melodic hard'n'heavy/progressive rock that a lot of Western bands were playing in mid-1970 (back then, most of Western trends in music usually reached the USSR scene with a 5-7 years lag). Don't know if this recording can be counted as metal, because there aren't too many "heavy" songs and no provocative lyrics whatsoever, but then again, terms like "hard rock" and "heavy metal" are usually viewed as interchangeable if applied to the 1970s' rock scene. Eitherway, this is an interesting rare example of a hard rock/metal recording in pre-1985 USSR, and its quality is fairly good (given it's a live recording made more than 30 years ago). Love the sound of these old analog synthesizers, which even reminds me of "The Martian Chronicles" by Solaris at times.

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