Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year!

One more year has passed, and I still have no idea why I continue to waste my time on a blog that has nearly no readers. Anyway, a little practice in English won't hurt, and arguably the best way of doing it is writing about something you're genuinely interested in (music, in my case).

It isn't in my habit to post "best of the X year" album lists, so I'll just make a wish that the coming year will be better than the passing one for everyone who reads my blog - and for me, of course. The second half of 2015 was pretty bad for me, and while I don't have much hopes for 2016 either, the life still goes on. Right now I'm playing WoW (without much enthusiasm, though) and wait for the new year to come...


  1. С Новым годом вас и может этот новый год принесет вам больше bohneur и любви, чем последний .

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