Thursday, June 15, 2017

Cities - "Annihilation Absolute" [1986]

Artist: Cities
Title: Annihilation Absolute
Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: USA
Release date: 1986

Track List:
  1. Stop the Race
  2. Fight for Your Life
  3. Burn Forever
  4. Not Alone in the Dark
  5. Cruel Sea
  6. In the Still of the Night
  7. Innocent Victim
  8. Shades of Black
  9. Deceiver
This is the one and only full-length album from Cities (not the best name choice for a metal band, to be honest), a side project of Twisted Sister drummer A.J.Pero (R.I.P 2015). Despite the ridiculous cover art, the music is pretty good - maybe not the best of what I heard on the Vibrations of Doom archive of classic metal albums, but still not to be missed if you like 80's melodic metal. My personal favourite is "Fight For Your Life", a quite inspiring song for all sorts of diffucult life situations. A more detailed review of "Annihilation Absolute" can be found here, and the whole album is available for a listen on Youtube:

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