Monday, February 15, 2016

Systemshock - "Virus-Electro" [2010]

Artist: Systemshock
Title: Virus-Electro
Genre: Dark Electro
Country: Russia
Release date: 2010

Track List:
  1. Right Now
  2. Shiftdelete
  3. Liquid Crystal
  4. You're Fake, I'm Real
  5. Rewire
  6. No Resist
  7. Fixed
  8. (Without) You
  9. Your Cell
  10. Nothing
  11. Fixed (UnfixedMeatGlitch Remix by Ainoma)
  12. No Resist (Broken Remix by REZiiST)
  13. Fixed (Afterparty Cover Version by Sadanakar)
Unlike KryoniK Moon, Systemshock doesn't refer to their style as "visual kei" (at least I don't remember them doing so), but they're actually quite similar in terms of both music and imagery. While their stage costumes are a bit ridiculous in my opinion, a lot of people in the dark electro scene were into this style during the late 2000s:
Systemshock initially were formed as a duo consisting of Nikk (SPCMN7 - live guitar) and Elen (AxidZenn - DJ) circa 2008 in Omsk. They initially performed rather for fun and without any serious plan, but their first live shows turned out to be a success. In late 2009, Systemshock became a full band with 6 members. That was the time when dark electro and so-called "Schwarze Szene" in general was relatively popular here, and quality instruments/equipment started to become more or less easily available to purchase. When Nikk was playing alternative rock prior to Systemshock (that was during 2004-2007), he had only a guitar and not much else - even a MIDI controller wasn't easy to buy in Omsk back then. Nowadays the equipment is quite expensive again, but the period of 2009-2014 was more or less good for musicians in this regard.

Their debut album, named "Virus-Electro", was released on Synthematik in 2010 and turned out to be a big success. They also make two music videos which were aired on A-One and significantly contributed to their success too. I think it's safe to say Systemsock were the leading DE project in Siberia back then. They also have toured the whole China, taking advantage of their geographical proximity. According to a recent interview with the band, a second album is in the works, but it won't de dark electro - rather more mainstream club music. They explain it by not wanting to be stuck in one particular genre, but I think they just have realized that the general public here don't care about dark electro and other "Schwarze Szene" genres anymore...

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